Each project is different. It is difficult to estimate exact cost without the
exact details of your project. The information below is to serve as a general
guideline for you. Please contact me for more specific information.

penBoth style and envelope choice effect the final cost.

Invitation design is $30 for the first hour, and $25 per hour for
each additional hour. Layout design for quotes, poems,
invitations, etc. is the same cost.

Calligraphy is $25 per hour.

Invitation envelopes $2 per envelope (address).

Place cards and inner envelopes are $.75 each, however, for both
the place card and inner envelope, the cost will be $1.25 per set.

Free shipping within a 25 mile radius of Melbourne, FL.

Outside the 25 mile radius, USPS or FedEx delivery will be billed to client.

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